Restoration Update!

Things are going well at our Bewdley restoration, we've uncovered a huge cavity by the stairs nearly doubling the stairwell space, as the result of the leaky bathroom and a rotten oak beam we've spent a lot of time securing the second floor - i'm surprised it didn't fall down!

Repair works on the second floor

Starting to come together now... The kitchen is arriving as i write this. The owners have also decided to install a solid white ash staircase to maximise on the new found space.

Some images of the continued restoration:

After a lot of hard work we're at the final stages of the project, the painting has begun, the kitchen and bathroom are fitted and new interior windows have been installed to open up the space and bring more light into what was a dark and dilapidated space. We've made & fitted customer doors with classic iron mongery to compliment the property and the white ash staircase looks fantastic.

The white ash staircase looks fantastic!

Restoration in Bewdley

We're currently in Bewdley restoring a 17th Century property which started as a small renovation project to ensure the property meets a high rental standard - however the more wallpaper and plaster we pull off the more oak we discover... Cue major renovation!

Here are some pictures of the start of the project